(From left to right) Tom Ineichen, Kevin Highbaugh, Alan Barcelona, Rocky Chavez, Kenny Ehrman, Tina Brazil, Ricardo Sanchez

SACRAMENTO – On February 7, 2017, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) President Alan Barcelona and CSLEA Directors attended a reception honoring members of the California Legislature. The reception was sponsored by Professional Engineers in California Government and California Association of Professional Scientists.

(From left to right: Kevin Highbaugh, Tina Brazil, Tom Ineichen, Kenny Ehrman, John Chiang, Alan Barcelona, Ricardo Sanchez

“It was an honor to attend this reception and see our good friends Assemblymember Rocky Chavez and California Treasurer John Chiang,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona. ” Visiting, occasionally, with our lawmakers on a social level fosters a rapport conducive to rolling up our sleeves and, together, addressing and solving issues that arise during the year.”

CSLEA Directors in attendance were CFO Ricardo Sanchez, Senior Vice President Tina Brazil, Unit A Vice President Kenny Ehrman, Unit B Vice President Tom Ineichen, Kevin Highbaugh, and Secretary Chris Ehrman.