If you ever want to feel good about life, just take a look at your pet.  Yes, your pet!  In my case, it’s my dog, Nala.  There’s a reason dogs have a reputation as “man’s best friend.”  Dogs are amazing creatures with amazing attitudes.  They can’t wait for you to come home, they greet you with excitement every morning, watch over you and your family, drive you to get out and take that walk, put a smile on your face and laughter in your voice.  I’m sold!  I will always have a dog in my life and in my home.

Bring up a story about the funny things that your dog does and watch a conversation in the office come to life.  People love their pets, the things their pets do, and the way their pets make them feel.

From the CSLEA office:


“Maddie’s the peacekeeper in our family, if someone raises a voice, uses a harsh word, or even sheds a tear, she literally gets up and leaves the room and heads outside.  It’s hard not to take notice and we instantly change our game.  She’s been in our family for nearly 13 years and has kept both parents and kids in line. The thing she does that gets the most laughs from people is when she brings her dinner bowl out in the middle of our happy hour parties, bowl in mouth, head down, eyes looking up – you know the look.” -Teri Cox, Communications Director


“Here’s Lucy.  She likes to steal toast – and pizza – and bananas.  Well, pretty much anything.  She’s like a vacuum around the kids.  They drop something and it’s instantly cleaned up.” – Andrea Perez, Senior Counsel

Left to right – Enkidu, Deputy, Taser Below- Einstein

“We are definitely a pet family. Our cats are Einstein (who was not named for his intelligence) and Enkidu (also called Inky) who is our newest arrival.  My golden retrievers are Deputy (“Dawg”) and Taser who are named to reflect my law enforcement background.  Needless to say, having all these animals around the house is always a party.  At least it’s not dull.” – Jim Vitko, Senior Counsel



“Here are Lincoln and Olive, the unlikeliest but best of friends. These two cause constant mischief in our household, but always keep us laughing with their chaos. Olive loves to hide under the bed and then sneak onto my pillow during the night. Lincoln loves to eat Roku remotes, I think we’ve gone through five. Fingers crossed his puppy faze ends soon! Between the pups and my two sons, my house can get a little messy, but it’s always full of love.” – Stacy Olsen, Counsel

The proud owner of four dogs – Tina Brazil, CSLEA Senior Vice President:


“This is Boo! She is a Diva!  She is a six-year-old Queensland Heeler. She got her name because she always had the hiccups when she was a baby! She loves telling everyone what to do from her perch on the corner of the couch!!  She loves to lay on the back of my chair and lay her head on me when I’m home!


“This is LB! He is almost 11.  He is a smooth coat jack terrier.  You can try to guess what LB stands for!  He is all attitude & talks a lot!  Hates being cold and loves sleeping under the covers.  He is a great dancer if he is getting treats!!  He loves riding on the back of the quad and peeking around you!!




“Say Hello to Chase! He is our 2- 1/2 year old miniature Queensland Heeler.  He loves his squeaky toys so much that we have to take them away at night or they come to bed!!  He is very lovable and loves to travel with us.  He is always the center of attention wherever he goes.  He makes everyone smile!!


“This is Jake, our 11 year old Queensland Heeler.  This is his favorite spot & activity! He loves having his ears scratched.  His favorite food is everything! He loves it when our granddaughter Clover lays by him & Hugs him!!

They say National Love Your Pet Day is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets.  I’m pretty sure that happens on a daily basis in the homes of most pets, or at least I hope so.

They deserve our respect and our love, after all, they cheer us up when we are down, can make us feel better when we’re sick, alert us when someone is at the door, sit with us by the fire, keep us company when we are lonely…and all they want in return is an atta-boy or atta-girl.  Of course, on National Love Your Pet Day, an extra treat might be in order!