In a letter dated February 27, 2019, I urged University of California, Davis Chancellor Gary S. May to reevaluate the continued employment of UC Davis Professor Joshua Clover who, in numerous past comments, has condoned and advocated for the murder of police officers.   While I appreciate a response to my letter from the Executive Vice Chancellor, I find it absolutely outrageous that this professor remains employed by the university.  The outcry from the public, law enforcement, and legislators has been loud and clear.  Professor Clover, who advocates the killing of another human being, based on the profession that human being has chosen, should not have a job educating students.  It is that simple.    Please find below:

The Response from UC Davis

The Opinion Column that Brought the Professor’s Comments to Light: The university’s ‘support’ for law enforcement runs hypocritical and short-sighted

And the letter I sent to UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May in a letter dated February 27, 2019