If you care at all about your retirement benefits, which I believe most of us do, get very familiar with these two acronyms WEP and GPO and the attempts underway in Congress right now to repeal these ridiculous Social Security rules that take from you, what is rightfully yours – money you paid into Social Security.

WEP, the Windfall Elimination Provision, and GPO, Government Pension Offset, apply to those of us who have worked at two types of jobs in our lives  – 1) jobs in which we paid into Social Security and 2) jobs in which we earned pensions and paid no Social Security tax.   If this describes your work life over the years, your Social Security benefits when you retire, are going to be drastically reduced because of WEP and GPO, passed decades ago to save Social Security funds.

Currently, Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL-13) is working to get his H.R. 141 through Congress.  The legislation would repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision which would benefit millions of retirees across the country.  Be sure your representatives in Congress are on board and supporting the repeal of these two rules that unjustly keep money you paid into Social Security.

WEP can reduce your Social Security check by two-thirds and GPO can cut your spouse’s Social Security benefits to nothing.

California State Senator Scott Wilk is trying to help with Senate Joint Resolution 3 (SJR 3) which was unanimously passed on the Senate Floor on May 6, 2019. SJR 3 urges the United States Congress and President Trump to repeal the two federal retirement benefit (f)laws that reduce Social Security benefits for public employees and their spouses.

“These laws were intended to prevent people from taking advantage of the government, but instead, they have resulted in the government taking advantage of its people,” said Wilk. “I want to thank my Senate colleagues for recognizing the national importance of this issue, and I hope the federal government hears us and responds.”

The people impacted by these laws are public servants – teachers, police officers, firefighters, anyone who is eligible for a pension.

Workers and retirees in 26 states are impacted by WEP and GPO – with California topping the list.

You work your whole life and you have a benefit that is legally yours and they take it away from you.  Get involved with this one, contact your U.S. senators and representatives.   Your future really does depend on it.

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