This Web log has two goals:

One is to make myself a little more familiar to the 7,000 CSLEA members all over California whom I might never have the honor and privilege of meeting personally; the other is to share my observations with a wider public and Sacramento policymakers as filtered through more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, including 22 years as leader of an association with the most varied group of public safety professionals in the nation.

This second goal will allow me the opportunity to better interact with the key staff of elected officials and appointed leaders of departments and agencies all throughout state government. It is vitally important in this era of term limits, when elected representatives turn over every two to six or eight years (a third of state government changes every two years), that those of us who advocate for our membership make use of every possible medium of communication. We are becoming the only institutional memory left in the capitol.

Another reason for having a blog is to separate my opinions from the policies of the association I represent. The spur to get going on this blog was a walk around my own neighborhood on Veterans Day. In honor of my late brother who served our nation in Vietnam and all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice or made it back, I take this holiday very seriously. The first thing I do when I rise that November morning every year is put my American flag outside my house. But when I looked up and down my block this year, I could find no others. A walk around my secluded and secure, middle-class neighborhood found only five flags on 75 homes.

This frustrated me, but it is unrelated to anything I do for CSLEA. So that’s what you’ll find here, some thoughts on the continuing crisis in Sacramento, some educational essays, and occasional flashes of crankiness from an old-fashioned beat cop at heart.